Breandan Dezendorf

UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X Systems Administrator

Who Are You?

I am a professional UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X Systems Administrator with over a decade of experience focused on systems automation, monitoring, alerting and trending. My areas of interest include puppet, Nagios, Graphite, Merlin, ELK, python and perl. I have been using Macs in some form or another since the spring of 1984. I began doing systems administration and operations work in the summer of 2001 while living in Sharjah, UAE. My professional tastes run to Linux these days, though I’ve been known to dabble in FreeBSD, Solaris/OpenSolaris and Nexenta.

Storage and it’s network delivery have always piqued my interest. I am still torn between the rock-solid reliability and integrity of ZFS and the incredible global-namespace cross platform nature of AFS, both which I’ve used heavily in my professional life, but the future seems rooted in something like ceph, which makes the promise of a distributed, shared-nothing, POSIX compliant filesystem a near-term reality. It can also provide block and object storage from the same pool.

Most recently, I have been working to scale an ELK Cluster to hundreds of billions of stored log entries, at a peak indexing rate of over 450,000 logs per second, representing tens of terabytes of raw log data every day.

Where Are You?

I live in near the RTP area in North Carolina and work for an awesome company facing fundamentally cool problems. Admittedly, NC is a little warm for my tastes, but it’s a good area to live in with lots of interesting people, and a decent place to meet people and play with technology. I am available for conversation, coffee and possible consultation outside of the standard work week.